понедельник, 28 марта 2011 г.

Silent Hill WORLD

Когда то Сайлент Хилл был раем для туристов. 
Но город настигла тьма. 
Слишком много произошло трагических событий, которые навсегда оставили мрачный след в истории городка. 
Теперь это место окутано зловещим туманом, размывающим границу между действительностью и сном, «раем» и грешной землей.

The version without an additional content:
Download at The Sims 3
Download at Mediafire
The version with an additional content:
Download at Mediafire
Download at Mediafire (content)
The content diekl123 is used (lots)
Screenshots are made in the version of the world without a content

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  1. This world is really great but i was wondering if you were going to do all of silent hill? South Vale, Old Silent Hill, New Silent Hill etc? basically the full map of silent hill 2

  2. I'm russian,but I was born and raised in Italy,so I cann't speak russian but one thing I can say... красивo !!
    No indeed,is AMAZING! :D
    Thank you,спасибо for shared!!

  3. This is awesome.

    Also, don't take some of the more extreme comments on the ms3b blog too seriously. We unfortunately have a lot of trolls there who like to pose as certain people to get a rise out of creators.

  4. Великолепная работа!
    Вдвойне приятно, что работу проделал мой соотечественник ^__^

    Желаю удачи в будущих проектах ;)

  5. I just finished watching your Silent Hill Video. You are amazing. Our Caw Moderator on TS3 Creators Consortium put the link up for us. Our Main Forum Link is:

    Silent Hill :

    I just finished Downloading Silent Hill and will come back to comment.
    I'm in The USA

  6. Thought I should add that the traits are completely disappearing. You might need to check out your CC and see if there's anything corrupted in there, because it happened after installing the custom content for the Silent Hill world. After I deleted the .package files, it worked fine.

  7. Yo! Because I don't have a life and the WoW servers are down for maintenance I've spent all morning going through the CC packages by trial and error. The culprit is rewards_1k_by_astronom_b001.package.
    So delete that one and traits work again.
    Oh and thanks for the world, it's lovely!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to figure that out :)

  8. I just clapped my hand like a seal seeing this. A HAPPY SEAL! This makes me so happy you can't imagine. Thank you very much!!!

  9. My pc shuts off sometimes when I load houses. What can be done about this? (I downloaded the CC version)

  10. At me too such was. It because of shortage of capacity of the computer.... I Advise to put more OZU

  11. what is OZU? I Googled it, but found nothing.

  12. Random Access Memory (I apologize, it was not correctly expressed...)

  13. It is necessary 4 gb. And as in general on 512 mb at you it is started sims 3

  14. That's a lot...

    I have 4 GB ROM, I don't know if that's helps.

  15. This world is amazing, but how can I remove ALL the fog emitter in once time??
    Because is too heavy for me, but the fog in general is perfect!

  16. hi i wonder if this town have sims living on her?

  17. Can I ask how you put fog in the worlds surrounding in CAW?

  18. This is truly amazing. The best Sims 3 World I ever seen.
    I love Silent Hill! ^__^
    Red Pyramid was my fav. of the monsters x-D
    You done an amazing job. ♥ Love it.

  19. Привет Я очень впечатлен этим миром вы построили! Мне было интересно, если я мог бы иметь доступ ко всем файлам INI, используемых для изменения цвета воды и добавьте туман и т.д.? Это для жуткий мире я строю.

  20. I've seen your Silent Hill machinima on YouTube and it is completely amazing! I have to ask, does this world require any EPs or is it base game compatible?

  21. The link is down. Can you please uploaded it again? :)
    Btw, I love your city, is just amazing, I can say there was a lot of time and effort re-creating the wonderful city of SIlent hill

  22. The CC link is down...Can you do something about it, please? T^T